Media Training

There are plenty of verbal communication in our daily lives and in the offices. When responding to the media or making public speeches to a group of audience, however, the skills required would be very different.

Our company stands ready to provide below specific service to the management and / or spokespersons of corporations / organizations :


Media Training

• What is media? Who is the media?
• Introduction of different media groups, such as print media, electronic media, radio media, online media and social media, etc.
• To equip the interviewees with proper attitudes and basic skills when communicating with the media.
• Preparation before meeting with the media.
• Tackle follow ups from the media.
• Case studies through analysis and discussion.
• To conduct mock media interviews.
• Tips:DO′s and DON′Ts on interacting with the media

Training Workshop

Our company provides “Media Training Workshop(s)” for enterprises / organizations, teaching participants the skills of dealing with the media. The structure of the courses is as follows : 

Target audience Objective
Basic training course People receive relevant training for the first time To teach basic skills in dealing with the media
Advanced training course People who have received relevant training and have mastered basic skills in dealing with the media To teach essential skills for dealing with the media
Master-level training course People who have received relevant training, have mastered the necessary skills to deal with the media, and will soon need to deal with the media To teach practical skills in dealing with the media, and offer mock media interview(s)

The workshops may also incorporate with the content of Crisis Management.

Our company will be able to tailor-made the course content according to the needs of the clients.

Media Training

Public Speaking Training

• How to prepare for the speeches?
• How to present your messages effectively?
• How to attract the audience′s attention?
• How to leave an impression or even a deep impression on the audience?
• How to infect the audience?
• To conduct mock public speaking
• Tips:DO′s and DON′Ts on making public speeches


Speech Writing

Among the past public speeches that you have heard, how many of them have left a lasting impression on you, or just a slight memory?

Our team is strong in working out tailor-made speeches for the speakers, matching the formats, themes and scales of the events; roles, languages and styles of the speakers; as well as the purposes of making such speeches. Other than the contents, lengths and tones of the speeches, our team will make use of stories, histories and statistics for enriching the speeches.