Assist Mainland & Overseas enterprises to set up their business presence

in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is one of the international cities most suitable for business development. The city has a desirable business environment which attracts corporations to set up their regional headquarters and offices, thereby boosting the developing of the entire commercial sector.

Advantages of Hong Kong include:

• Excellent location in the heart of Asia
• Tax regime: low, simple and competitive
• Unsurpassed rule of law
• Clean & efficient government
• Free flow of information
• World-class infrastructure
• Freest economy by Heritage Foundation
• Strong talent pool
• Internationalized style of living
• Proximity to Mainland China, serving as a gateway to the Mainland Chinese market 


Given the unique advantages of Hong Kong, our company is confident in assisting Mainland Chinese and overseas companies in setting up their business presence in Hong Kong. Our services include:

Providing practical support at the time of starting the business:

• Company incorporation & business registration
• Opening bank accounts
• Briefing on law & order, employment law, taxation system, intellectual property law and trading, etc.
• Sourcing proper office locations
• Applying for related licenses
• Trademark registration
• Applying for Work Permit(s) for expatriates
• Helping to adapt to living in Hong Kong, such as arranging residential places, schooling of the children of expatriates
• Others

Referral of a wide variety of service providers:

• Accountants
• Lawyers
• Recruitment consultants / agents
• Property agents
• Designers / Interior designers
• Telecommunication & IT
• Others

* The above items are not listed in order