Issue & Crisis Management


Issue & Crisis Management

In the course of business operations, issue happen once and a while. If corporations handle the issues properly, it will minimize the impact and the risk of turning the issue into crisis.

Crisis occurs abruptly with little or even no warning, yet it may threaten the ability and/or judgement of the corporations themselves and their management. It may also adversely affect the emotions of relevant internal and external stakeholders. In case the crisis is not handled properly, it may incur huge damage and loss to the corporations.

Our services include:

Assisting the clients on risk assessment for predicting the possible occurrence of issue / crisis and providing solutions for preempting such occurrence with reference to the clients′ business natures and development. Precaution is always better than cure
Assisting the clients in developing “Policies / Handbook on Issue / Crisis Management”. In the event of issue / crisis, the clients will be able to kick off the mechanism for handling them within the shortest timeframe, in the hope of minimizing the damage and loss to the corporations