Assist the clients in applying for various non-repayable Government funding

We provide one-stop services to the clients on the non-repayable funding schemes of the HKSAR Government, from understanding the operations of the schemes to providing free consultation, assessing the possibilities of getting the funding, planning, drafting the funding proposals, project management and financial management of the project. Our team will walk through the entire funding process with the clients with a mission to obtain the funding successfully, thus boosting the development of the clients′ business.


Our Company will only charge the clients a fixed amount of consultation fees, and will NOT divide up the funding amounts received by the clients.



Assist the clients in applying for various non-repayable Government funding


Background :

The HKSAR Government from time to time launches non-repayable funding schemes to help local corporations in developing their business


Targets :

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) registered in Hong Kong
Specific industries operating in Hong Kong (for example: recycling industry)


Difficulties faced by corporations :

The application guidelines may be too complicated to understand
A number of documents are required, which may not be easy to fill out
The application process and reporting mechanism may be too complicated to handle and follow up


Don′t worry! Our team readily takes care of these tasks for you!


Details of the Funding Schemes :

Application Procedures :

Remarks : Companies who wish to apply for other government funding are welcome to contact us for discussion.


On 4 September 2019, the Government announced to further enhance various funding schemes by:
•  simplifying the application procedures
•  relaxing the limitations set on the projects (including relaxing the funding cap of individual expenditure items and expanding the scope of business missions for funding)
•  providing a large proportion of upfront payments
•  offering online application services